About VDEC

VLSI Design and Education Center (VDEC), which is located in the University of Tokyo and shared by users all over Japan, was established in May, 1996. As an intellectual education center on VLSI (Very Large Scale Integration) technology, VDEC aims at improvements of instruction on VLSI design and supports on VLSI chip fabrication for national universities, public universities, private universities and colleges in Japan. For these purposes, VDEC performs various kinds of activities including distributing VLSI design information, providing CAD software and licenses and supporting chip fabrications. With helps and supports from universities, related government ministries and semiconductor industry, active services provided by VDEC have been growing extensively since its beginning.

Presently VDEC provides following services to end users from universities and colleges in Japan.

  •  Distributing the latest technology information on VLSI design and education.
  •  Providing media, licenses and training courses of CAD tools.
  •  Supporting VLSI chip fabrications and measurements for academic use.

    Nowadays, 6 VLSI fabrication technologies, various kinds of popular CAD software which support Verilog HDL/VHDL simulation, synthesis, layout design and verification for digital/analog VLSIs, and mesurement facilities are provided through VDEC. Over 640 research groups from 153 universities in Japan are taking advantage of the services and supports from VDEC. Totally more than 8500 CAD software licenses are being issued from VDEC and its 9 branches in Japan. In 2004, altogether 404 chips were fabricated at various chip foundaries through VDEC for academic research purpose.

    VLSI Design & Education Center
    University of Tokyo

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